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Our Parents

Our Red Barn Doodles Family is currently comprised of one female and one male.

  Roxy, our AKC Golden Retriever, is the mother and 

Scout, our AKC Standard Poodle, is the father of all of our litters.

We currently only breed Standard size F1 Goldendoodles. 


Roxy is our fun loving 3 year old Golden Retriever. She is a devoted Mom to her litters and absolutely loves people and playtime. Roxy has passed her PennHIP clearances and both hip and elbow through OFA. Roxy weighs right at 50 lbs and has F1 Goldendoodle litters with colors of cream, apricot and occasional reds.


Scout is the father of all puppies at Red Barn Doodles. He is a white AKC registered Standard Poodle. He is very sweet and gentle tempered and has been hip tested by PennHIP and scored in the 70th percentile (20% above average).

Scout 2023
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